Crazier Eights Overview

crazier1Many decisions had to be made for Crazier Eights, and I will discuss many of those decisions here. Keep in mind that my decisions could still change at some point in the future. The game is still in the prototype stage.

Logo Design

The logo currently looks like this:

crazier logo

Card Front & Back

The card frame and card back had to be developed, and they currently look like this:

front and back

Wild Card Frame

Friends wanted the wild card frame to look different from the regular card frame to help remind people identify wild cards. They currently look like this:

  new wild look yellow3


I decided to use somewhat wordy templating in the hopes that it will make things more clear. For example, Forbidden Knowledge states, “A player of your choice draws three cards.” I considered having the card say, “A player draws three cards” or “Target player draws three cards.”


Kickstarter Options

People who pledge money on Kickstarter will get a copy of the game and I decided that the Game Crafter will manufacture those copies of the game because it is fast, convenient, and they will take care of bulk order fulfillment to make sure everyone gets the copy of the game. Otherwise I have to have the games mailed to me and I would have to spend several weeks mailing them out myself.

If I get enough funding, I will consider using another company to manufacture the game for a second print run.

I also decided to include a rules document with each copy of Crazier Eights (of the Kickstarter version of the game). A rule book would add a few dollars to the price to manufacture each copy of the game, and rules cards might be a bit confusing (and also cost a bit more than a document). However, I do plan on having a rules summary card as well.

Recoculous Logo

The company name is “Recoculous.” The logo currently looks like this:

recoculous logo finished


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