A New Look For Wild Cards (Part 3)

r8cThe colorful shiny wild card frame I made a couple days back ended up being harder to read than I anticipated, but I made a new similar frame that might work:

b8d r8d

g8d y8d

Additionally, I could say that the cards are wild in the text. That could look like the following:

says it is wild on it

Note that Devious Dragon already has quite a bit of text, so I could change which card is wild if I want to have the cards say they are wild in the text box.

There are now three different card frames that I am considering using:

  new wild look yellow3 new look for wild yellow2 y8d

Here’s what the regular card frame looks like:


The reason that I am thinking wild cards should use a different frame is to help people know when cards are wild.

Let me know if you think I should use a certain card frame in particular, and if you think the cards should say they are wild in the text area.

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