My Initial Experience with AdMagic (And the CMYK color format)

One manufacturer I am using to make copies of Crazier Eights is AdMagic.

What is AdMagic and why use them?

AdMagic is a manufacturing company that makes board games (such as Cards Against Humanity) and probably other things as well. They can manufacture things in the USA, but larger orders are manufactured in China. However, paying a manufacturer to order things from China can actually be quite expensive and problematic. You have to deal with customs, deal with shipping huge crates of stuff across the ocean, and so on. It can cost a couple thousand dollars to have things shipped by boat from China. Continue reading

Initial Experience With the Game Crafter’s Order Fulfillment

I am using the Game Crafter for fulfilling the Crazier Eights Kickstarter rewards in addition to producing one hundred extra copies of the game. A strong incentive to use the Game Crafter’s bulk order fulfillment process is that it doesn’t cost anything more than the copies of the game and shipping. If I used Amazon’s order fulfillment, I would have to pay around $3 more to have each copy of the game sent out, and I would have to pay to have several copies of the game shipped to Amazon. There are three other main issues worth talking about concerning the Game Crafter’s order fulfillment process: (1) the cost, (2) how they handle special Kickstarter promotional items, and (3) how they handle corrected mistakes. Continue reading