Crazier Eights Glossary

Crazier Eights uses terminology that should be understood in a certain way. This glossary defines the terminology that is used.

ally – A player who is part of your team. If you or an allied player wins, then you both win. If either of you loses the game, you both lose the game.

card back – The back of the cards are all the same and no information about the card is provided on the back of the card.

color – There are four different colors of cards: yellow, red, blue, and green. Each color of card also has a different suit shown on the upper right-hand side of the card.

control – A card that is in play on the table is controlled by the player who played it unless another player gains control of it. Whoever controls a card does whatever is stated on it, but some cards have the same effect on all players. Continue reading