Protospiel San Jose @ Mountain View

1001 nights promo2I will be participating in a free three day game convention at Game Kastle in Mountain view — Protospiel San Jose 2017. The event starts on Friday April 7th and ends Sunday April 9th. This event will have various game designers (including myself) show off their new prototypes & give you a chance to playtest. More information can be found here.

The event is free for ordinary people, but game designers are charged to have a table to present their games. Continue reading

Crazier Eights Events at DunDraCon

m2-crown-of-kings2I will be attending DunDraCon at San Ramon, CA from Friday February 17th to Monday February 20th. My events can be found on their card game page here., but I will try to get some playtesting at Protospeil as well. I will be showing sneak previews of the Arabian Nights/10001 Nights version of Crazier Eights in addition to the new look for the game.

My main events are the following: Continue reading