Card Art Design, Bleed Zone, & Drift

card art safe zone and cut lines sm2The number one rule of card graphic design is that you need the art to extend farther than you might think. This is basically a bleed area because of the possibility of a miscut or “drift.” This is mostly important when making art for the card back or the card frames. Similarly, nothing important should be outside of “a safe zone.”

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Should the rank & suit area be larger?

I would prefer not to change the size of the rank & suit area on the cards because it gives me more work to do, but it is an option that at least one person suggested at one point. One drawback to a larger area is that it takes up more space of the card image, but I am open to making the change. You can let me know if you would prefer no change, option A, or option B. What do you think?

treasure treasure2 treasure3