Manufacturing Completed

The first print run included the Kickstarter rewards and 100 additional copies of the game to sell, which I got in the mail on August 29th 2014. The second print run was made by AdMagic, and I was happy that they didn’t take long. I paid for them to manufacture the game around August 1st, 2014. It’s been a little over a month since then and I have already got all the copies of the game in the mail. The FedEx service only took five days to deliver all the copies of the game from China, which was also pretty impressive. All the games were in two 55 pound packages, and FedEx tells me that they estimate it would cost $1328.33 to ship it to the USA using the FedEx international economy option. The shipping was included when I paid for the games to be manufactured, and I don’t know if FedEx actually charges less when you are in China. Continue reading