Holiday Promo Offer

We have six promo cards for the holiday season. Order either of the new games from the Recoculous Web Store and you get all six promo split cards. In particular, each order of Crazier Eights: Olympus & Crazier Eights: Pantheon comes with all six promo cards. This offer expires at the start of January 1, 2021, Pacific time.

Update (12-14-2020): Already have the new games? If you order two or more Crazier Eights games, we will make sure you get at least one set of all six promo cards. These games make a good gift. Most people don’t have these games yet, and they make good stocking stuffers.

Additionally, if you order three or more games from our store, you will be upgraded to priority shipping at no additional charge.

Take a look at the split cards below


You can buy the games here.


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