Announcing Crazier Eights: Shahrzad

shahrzad10bCrazier Eights: Shahrzad is an expandalone — it can be played as a stand alone game or as an expansion for Crazier Eights: One Thousand & One Nights. It has thirty three new unique cards inspired by Shahrzad’s stories.

Rather than eights, Shahrzad has multicolored cards and split cards.

You can take a look at images of all the cards in Shahrzad here.


Split cards, such as Might & Magic, shown above, are treated like multicolored cards when they are discarded, but you have to choose one side when you play it for the ability.

Shahrzad was a stretch goal for the Kickstarter campaign for Crazier Eights: 1001 Nights. It will be possible to get it as an add-on.

shahrzad box front and back

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