What’s Crazier Eights: Olympus?

olympus logo2.png

g11 heraclesCrazier Eights: Olympus is a gateway fantasy card game inspired by the stories of Greek mythology. The first player with zero cards in hand wins, and every card may be played for a unique and imaginative ability. Zeus, the Helen of Troy, Mount Olympus, and many more cards from Greek mythology comes to life with these fifty two cards.

Let’s take a look at some of the cards.

olympus cards12

olympus cards13


2 artemisThe new feature introduced in Crazier Eights: Olympus are gods. Every ace is a god and has a requirement — you can’t play it unless an opponent controls a certain number of assets. They are a bit  more powerful than ordinary cards and can’t be destroyed. You can’t even try to destroy them.

Box front & back

box front back olympus

Release date

I estimate Olympus will be on Kickstarter around February 2020 and officially released around June 2020.

However, I am considering selling prototype copies that can give you a chance to help playtest it starting December 1st.

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