Game Manufacturing Timeline

camelot20I developed a timeline for the manufacturing process Crazier Eights: Camelot & Avalon went through by DoFine Games. Some other necessary post-Kickstarter preparation is also discussed below. Overall, it took almost three months to get the games from the manufacturer after I initially sent them files. Take a look below.

I recommend having at least five months for promised fulfillment and the start of your Kickstarter campaign as a result. Note that this is for two card games that come with a deck of cards, tuck box, and rule book.

kickstarter fulfillment

Note that a lot more was going on for my business during this time, and you might wonder what else you should do while waiting for the games to get delivered during this process. Again, this is around three months of manufacturing and shipment that are mostly out of your hands. I have detailed information about what I did every day for Recoculous (the game business), and the most important details are the following:


  • The Kickstarter continued for three weeks, and I spent a lot of time promoting it.
  • The cards were updated.
  • More prototypes were ordered.
  • The image gallery was updated.
  • The game box design was updated.
  • The rules were updated.
  • I prepared Backerkit & a pre-order store.
  • The print & play version was made.


  • I signed up to be a game master at Pacificon.
  • I updated and playtested Crazier Eights: Avalon.
  • The rule book was updated.
  • Future versions of Crazier Eights were updated.
  • I compiled pre-order information for stores.
  • I prepared files for the manufacturer.
  • I contacted stores regarding pre-orders.
  • I updated Backerkit.


  • I registered for the Pacificon protospiel/design lab.
  • I compiled blog posts with important information about the games.
  • I updated pre-order info for stores.
  • I signed up for events at Big Bad Con.
  • I contacted distributors again.
  • I contacted stores regarding pre-orders.
  • I made a print & play file for Crazier Eights: Avalon.
  • I bought shipping supplies.
  • I updated future versions of Crazier Eights.
  • I looked for more reviewers.


  • I went to Pacificon.
  • I signed up for Protospiel at Gobble Con.
  • I signed up as a game master for Haiti Con.
  • I updated the FAQ.
  • I compiled rules clarifications for every relevant card.
  • I updated future versions of Crazier Eights.
  • I contacted stores regarding pre-orders,

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