Crazier Eights: Camelot Spoiler (Updated 7/14/17)

camelot cards 12This is an image gallery that shows all the cards for Crazier Eights: Camelot. It’s a stand alone gateway fantasy card game for 2-4 players. The first player with zero cards in hand wins.

An entertaining three minute play through video can be found here.

b01 devious dragon2b02 thin ice 2b03 malevolent minions 2b04 hidden goldb05 death.jpgb06 black knightb07 forbidden knowledge 2b08 bewitchb09 dragons treasureb10 falling stars 2b11 sleep 2b12 morgauseb13 mordred 2g01 fountain of youth 2g02 stream of lifeg03 ferocity 2g04 wood dwarves 2g05 elven princess 2g06 tempest 2g07 wood elf 2g08 elven ritual 2g09 worldly wisdom 2g10 hurricane 2g11 potion of vitality 2g12 nimue9g13 sir galahad 2p01 eurekap02 dark tower 2p03 study 2p04 lighthouse9p05 spell tome 2p06 research 2p07 visionary dream 2p08 timeshift 2p09 wizardry9p10 lady of the lake 2p11 mirror universe 2p12 morgan le fay 2p13 merlin9r01 camelot9r02 strength in numbers 2r03 armageddon 2r04 trader05 castle 2r06 sir bors3r07 pleasant memories 2holy grail9r09 restoration 2r10 angel of hope 2r11 sir lancelot9r12 queen guineverer13 king arthur 2

Promo card

02 crown of kings2

The promo cards are multi-colored. They can always be discarded, and anything can be discarded onto them. They will both be available when stretch goals are reached.

Rules card

00 rules1e00 rules2d

Card back

0 card back regular

I originally started the Camelot version of Crazier Eights in 2015, and you can see an older version of the spoiler here. The biggest change includes new card frames, but some of the other major changes were explained here. I also recently added colored text to your beginning and end of turn abilities to help them stand out and help you remember to use them. Similar abilities that are a bit more unique do not have any color, such as one’s that occur during opponent’s turns.

You can order the game here.

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