Less than two days left

first edition2I have a Kickstarter campaign for Crazier Eights (found here). Kickstarter is a crowd funding site. If I reach the funding goal ($5,000), then the game will be manufactured and everyone will be able to get a copy of the game. There are ways to get the game from the Kickstarter campaign. If it does not reach the funding goal, no one loses any money and every reward level will still have access to the print & play version of the game anyway.

There’s less than two days left — The Fourth of July is the final day.

This is pretty much your last chance to help out. If you want the project to succeed, I advise you to share this project on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else appropriate. You can tell a friend who might also be interested.

Another thing you can do is talk about the game on Board Game Geek. There are forums for Crazier Eights on Board Game Geek (found here), and I will participate in conversations about the game there.

Whether the game reaches the goal or not, you might want to follow this site and the Crazier Eights Facebook page to keep in touch and find out what happens next.

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