Crazier Eights: The Card Game That Gamers Can Show Non-Gamer Friends

crazier1Gamers are sometimes frustrated that their non-gamer friends & family aren’t willing to play certain games. One reason that often happens is because non-gamers are often worried that the game is too complicated. Well, a lot of games are very complicated.  I remember thinking that Magic: the Gathering looked like it was way too complicated and I didn’t have much of an interested in playing it. I still think Magic: the Gathering is one of the most complicated games in the world.

I think non-gamers are missing out because there’s a lot of creativity that goes into the characters and card abilities that are used in various complicated card games. It can be fun having a hand full of cards that do various things and deciding which card to play.

That’s where Crazier Eights comes in. It’s a game you can play with your non-gamer friends and family. It is quite easy and it has a lot of interesting characters and card abilities that would usually just be available in complicated card games. The main rules can be learned in about three minutes, and I have played the game with children as young as seven year old. The main idea of the game is just to take turns drawing a card, playing up to one card for an effect, and discarding up to one card. The discarding element of the game is based on Crazy Eights (and is also pretty much the same as in Uno) in that you can only discard a card if it has the same color or rank as the top card of the discard pile (unless it’s an eight, which is wild).

The game is currently on Kickstarter. Go here to take a look.

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