Playing and Discarding Cards

There is one more rule I am thinking about changing — Right now players take turns drawing a card, playing a card for an effect, and discarding a card. They can discard a card for an effect before discarding a card. I personally prefer that rule because I don’t want to punish people for playing the game a little differently. There are also some situations when discarding a card before playing a card for an effect could be the more strategically sound choice.

However, Mel Nash suggested that it might be better if each player’s turn has to be done in a more specific order — That each player would have to play a card for an effect before discarding a card. One reason to think about using that rule is that it can be easier to know when a player is done taking a turn. (If they discard a card, then you know they are done taking their turn.) What are your thoughts on this?

Also note that I recently updated the rules with the following: (1) If drawing a card is impossible, then the person wins who has the fewest cards. (The rule used to be that the player lost the game who has to draw a card, but can’t.) (2) Rules for points are now available to know how well each player does during a series of multiplayer games. (3) When multiple players draw cards from the same effect, the cards are drawn based on turn order.

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