Cost for Card Game Rulebooks vs Documents

I found out that rulebooks often cost significantly more than rule documents, but the price differences can greatly depend on the manufacturer and the number of copies manufactured.

The Game Crafter manufactures rulebooks for about $1 for every four pages, which can fit in a tuck box along with a deck of cards. Go here to to take a look. That’s actually two double sided pages. I made a six double-sided page rulebook for Crazier Eights, which includes the cover pages, and information is written on the other side of cover pages. It costs about $3 for the Game Crafter to manufacture it, which is pretty steep. I decided to use a rules document (a piece of paper) instead, which costs about $0.65 to manufacture and contains all the information in the rulebook. They can fold it up and include it with each copy of the game.

On the other hand Ad Magic said that a rulebook would cost about the same price as a rulebook, so I opted for that option. In reality the rulebook cost me about $0.15 more per copy than a document. I don’t know how much the actual rulebook or document costs using Ad Magic individually, and the cost depends on the number of copies manufactured. For example, the document might be $0.50 less than the rulebook when 1,000 copies of the game are made (rather than 500 copies of the game).

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